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Last week in blurred picture

So, last week we had 3 cadets on Wing fieldcraft camp (running round fields and camping in bivvies in army gear), 4 cadets on a camp learning about military and civilian policing (lording it in in nice accommodation, apparently eating very nice food, and generally dodging risks of socializing with each other), and 1 sergeant on the National Air Cadet Leadership Course (ACLC) being beasted by the real RAF in how to be an NCO (came back with some very sharp drill). Meanwhile, the resident NCO team explored with the cadets some problem solving tasks with the tents (how did they manage to mix up the inner tents/poles/outers of tents that never even got used?) and Fg Off S. set up some sneaky relay games (you just need a pin to make it more interesting).

1368 cadets meet some famous people whilst raising money for NHS Charities

Community duties is a key strand in the 1368 ethos. Well done to the 8 cadets who supported the NHS Charities/1368 Sqn shop and drop community service recently. One crazy Cossack horse riding show and team were very excited to meet some famous people, not least, Cdt J at meeting celebrity chef, and ex-Ready Steady Cook presenter, James Martin, who was happy to have his photo taken with the cadets despite a very long and hot day. 

Indoor climbing at Warwick Uni, July 14

Great peer encouragement and personal climbing skills progression as 8 cadets from 1368 Sqn experienced Warwick University's indoor climbing and bouldering walls on a Thursday evening. Good evening of personal and peer-led challenges, a nice sense of comradery and support.

Rounders and initiative ex's

Alas, the water fight was put on hold, which is a shame for the grass, but a nice chilled evening was had by all at 1368 this week. An engaging initiative exercise was run outside involving rebuilding a Lego shape without being able to see it, was run by Cpl M with lots of competitive spirit and enthusiasm from all ages, followed by collegiate game of rounders. Well done to Cpl M, nice work!

1368 Sqn cadets go to Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2022

Nope, not a picture of the Happy Mondays from 1990, it's the Happy Sunday's from RIAT 2022, or at least the lucky cadets from 1368 that got to spend Sunday July 17 at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford on an Air Cadet trip arranged in conjunction with 2286 Sqn. RIAT is one of the biggest Air Shows in the world and tailored made for an air cadet. A super hot day hanging out with super cool planes and flying machines.  

Wing Road Marching and Silver Medals for 1368 Cadets

Well done to Sgt G and Sgt C from 1368 (Warwick and Royal Leamington Spa) Sqn on their successful road marching campaign both part of the Road Marching Team for Warwickshire and Birmingham Wing, Royal Air Force Air Cadets and whom are representing the Wing on the Nijmegen Walks.  A massive fitness test but also one about camaraderie, smart uniform, having fun, teamwork and, above all, bad singing.